Henry Calix

Henry Calix

Henry Calix is best known as the CEO and founder of Weedsies, an online marketplace that is bridging the gap between cannabis consumers and sellers. Henry has successfully accomplished his goal of making Weedsies the Amazon of the cannabis industry and is now onto a great venture of revolutionizing the cannabis world with innovative tools and solutions.

Henry Calix has been listed as one of the Top 20 CEOs of 2020 by CEO Weekly for his wonderful business strategies and has also been nominated for this year’s Business Elite 40 Under 40. A year after launching the Weedsies online marketplace, Henry launched Weedsies Mobile to promote the company’s products and vendors.

Henry owes his success to the consistency and determination that he has incorporated into his business methods. Today, his cannabis technology company is solving the hurdles of cannabis consumers and bringing innovative solutions to everyone’s doorsteps. You can find him on the web at https://henrycalix.com/.