Shelby Robins

Shelby Robins

Shelby Robins is a fitness entrepreneur, trainer, and author who rose to fame for her 30-pound bulking transformation from 100 lbs to 130 lbs. She started her fitness journey at 17 and took the NASM test when she turned 18. After graduating from high school, she moved to San Diego to pursue her personal training career. After training people at a local gym, she started her online training business through Patreon. She founded the brand Meditative Athletics, which focuses on the importance of fundamental aspects of physical health such as cardiovascular health, aerobic and anaerobic training, muscle-mind connection, and eliminating ego lifting. She has authored a best-selling book, “Today Fitness”, entailing successful workout plans to build Brazilian booty. Today, she has helped thousands of people heal themselves internally through fitness and nutrition. Shelby's mission is to help people recognize the importance of physical health rather than just chasing a certain aesthetic. She has gained a combined amount of 1.5 million followers on her social media accounts, where she shares insights into her fitness journey regularly.

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